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Issue 42; What is Today?

Is it a day today?  Every day appears to be a day, or a week, part of something bigger.  So what could today's day be? It is sometimes National or International it changes depending on a possible scale, maybe it could just be International Day Day today.
Every time I get on Social Media I find out it is National Dog Day, International Negroni Week, National Gin day, International Breath Day or something along these lines.  I am sure that these never used to exist.  When I was at school we didn’t even have International Book day, we just read books all the time so there was no need to have a dedicated day to the book.  I will drink Negronis most weeks, sometimes more than once, so I'm not sure I am in a need to celebrate it for a week, a week that had mostly passed me until my ritualistic Friday pour.

I am sure some days and weeks are made for advertisements and to push sales.  At least with International Record Shop Day it is the day many special additions are released for sale or new albums come to the store on Vinyl but why I need World Tuberculosis Day is beyond me, sounds like a lovely one to get behind, mostly so you don’t get coughed on or maybe International Tea Day, a good one for British people everywhere.  And if you are wondering, that is on the 21st of May.  My favourite is possibly World Toilet Day held on the 19th of November.  I decided to stop my research at the name of this one only.

If you enjoy something, even if it is your love for the humble Toilet, then enjoy it every day. Why do we have this need to have days for things we should always look after? Forests are something we lack at looking out for mostly, but protect them all the time, not just think about it on International Forest Day, or Earth Day. Enjoy your Negroni daily, weekly, yearly, it is not just for Negroni week, it is for life.

And you will be glad to know that today (at time of posting) is just a Friday.