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Issue 42; Straight from the Freezer

There is nothing quite like that frosting as the warmer air hits the long curved bottle of liquid,  the crystals forming across the surface as you place it down ready for the ceremonial pour.

You know the pleasure you are about to receive once you take out the stopper or unscrew that cap.  The liquid seems thick as it pours into your glass, frosting as it goes, the condensation forming on the bottle, your hand chilled by the vice-like grip on the bottom of that bottle.

It always fascinates me the way that Vodka is like a clear oil when it comes straight from the freezer, Vodka Martinis screaming for the liquid, your glass poised and ready like a coiled secret agent.  The frozen Vodka bottle looks amazing in any light, the better the Vodka the more excitement it creates.

It is known by many that a Martini, Gin or Vodka is best when both bottle and glass are plucked from the ice cold depths of the freezer, especially if you are a traditionalist.  And not like me, who actually shakes my Martinis to make them weaker and more refreshing.  But I am part of only a few who prefer it this way, not including the fictional character of James Bond, but hardened Martini lovers still scoff at me to this day because of this weaker state of alcohol.  Also I always go Vodka, or at the very least, a Vesper.

I may not keep my martini Vodka in the freezer, but I do keep some partly for when others wish a stronger drop or to save on ice at gatherings, but also because it does look great when removed and served to a guest.