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Issue 45; Athleisure Disaster

When did the world start dressing like toddlers when we leave the house? Oversized tracksuits, slip on shoes with socks, the only thing missing is the blankie.  It is about time this was turned around.
Okay I admit we all like to be comfortable, we also all have our own style of comfy, I feel comfortable in jeans and a shirt, occasionally putting some style of tracksuit trouser on around the house in the evenings.  But going out in them, this will not happen unless it is really cold and I’m off to the gym.

Many latched onto sportswear as day wear once we all started working from our homes full time if they didn’t dress like it previously.  But now life is moving in the right direction but it seems many in the UK have forgotten how to dress outside of the house.  Even well known names are releasing their own brands full of this style of clothing now titled Athleisure.  David Gandy has WellWear, it is luxury leisure wear, which is great, around the house.  But this will not stop it being on the street.

I am aware of my age on this topic and if I wore this out I would look like a forty year old man trying to look younger and a younger generation would look fine in this attire but then don’t try and dine at the Wolseley, I frown when rappers try it, dress for your surroundings.  Alas it doesn’t stop some of an older generation still thinking they can pull off these trends, something I believe many need to be educated on and fast.

So I may be the smartest person in the supermarket, partly because I go straight from the office but also because I own something other than a tracksuit and sneakers but I always get treated better than some.