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Issue 45; In The Shirt We Trust

The shirt is the greatest piece of clothing ever created.  Starting as an undergarment before moving into the must have item of clothing for any outfit.  It is the most versatile of wardrobe staples and with the many styles and cloth now out there, it is amazing any other top is needed.

For years I have always had a problem with the shirt, not in general, I live in them, from casual, smart casual all the way to the suit I own shirts for all occasions.  However, the problem always comes when I am required to wear a tie.  I, apparently, in the realms of normal sizing have a large neck compared to the rest of me.  Quasimodo over here, table for one for a Quasimodo.

The hunchback of Notre Dame I am not, but I am apparently not your average sized person, which many of us are not.  I need a 17 inch neck to comfortably wear a tie, however I am also not a large guy that the rest of the shirt seems to think I am, adding so much length and back material it looks like that time when you were a child and put one of your fathers shirts on.  Sadly I am 40 and adult shirts should fit nicely.

On any given day I wear a 16 inch collar extra slim fit, the perfect proportions for me if a tie is not needed which is 99.9 percent of the time.  I only wear a tie to weddings or funerals and black tie which goes without saying but this is not a daily occurrence and also I love a white crisp shirt with a tie situation changing the tie up to add colour.  I only had one choice and that was to head in the bespoke direction. Even though I would have loved to head to Budd Shirt makers us thousandaires need to head more online to order a shirt, getting the wife to measure me to make sure I get a comfortable fit.  I used iTailor but there are a few others, I have only bought one white plain shirt but think I will try another in a slimmer fit to bring in the sides, but it does fit better than any off the peg 17 inch collared shirt.

With weddings on the horizon and slightly further afield the shirt will make a big come back real soon for many of us.  Especially considering many have moved into the more casual non shirt world of working from home.  But the shirt is so versatile that it will never go away.  People used to own two shirts in the past along with their two suits, work and everyday and then Sunday best, which were rotated as they wore out.  Now we have much more luxury so head out and pick up a collared shirt and look smarter whatever your endeavour and if like me are an off shape, go back to the old way of owning a couple of shirts for occasions with bespoke.