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Issue 8; LFWM A/W 2018 – The Round Up

By T W Coombs

It seems only yesterday that I was trying to understand why someone created items of clothing that were inspired by a Tellytubby, but that was a whole year ago.  And London Fashion Week Men’s has already rolled round.  It is not really a week and is spread over three days in London.  Alas I didn’t get to go to any of the events but I have compiled a round-up of style coming for A/W 2018.

This is just the way the fashion world works we are all hoping for the sun to appear and the temperatures to sore and we are already talking about next winter.  But this year there has been some nice little surprises and a big move away from the formal and street styles are now the big thing.  This may have been starting in 2017 but this has really pulled over into 2018 and seems to be what will dominate the year.

From the young new designers to the heritage brands they were all keeping to muted colour scheme, except one but I will touch on this further down.  As I have said street style is in, from sportswear to more of a casual vibe throughout even when in a formal way.  With Tinie Tempah's ‘What We Wear’ collection on the cat walk this was showing off a capsule range but is very sports and street style based, with casual suits, military tracksuits, strong outwear.  Touches of colour were there but all very muted with few really stand out pieces. Like this jacket, I wouldn’t combine with the trousers but is a really simple but solid design and would go with jeans and trainers nicely.

On Day 1 there was a lot of hype for Oliver Spencer’s catwalk show and even had a few familiar faces like the lovely Daisy Lowe here. But the dark colours and amazing designs had a simple but elegant look to them from double breasted suits to wide legged trousers.  The same goes for the Belstaff presentation, the colours blacks and browns and all are very in with the Belstaff brand and really good winter staples in the range being shown.

The other stand out for me was Christopher Raeburn, even some of it was a bit out there, some of the collection was really nice, but you needed to pick from the bazaar.  What made it stand out was that it was made from recycled materials like de-commissioned parachutes. Go and check it out on line at the LFWM

In all from what I have read and watched the A/W collections are going be a good solid keeper in the Winter. And as always there was some very strange collections, I'll leave you with Tweetie Pie.