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Issue 8; The January Blues

By T W Coombs

Surely the “January Blues” means that blue is in, right? If you are down then why, I know that you have already fallen from the wagon several times since the 2nd so you’re out of Dry January and that BigMac has buggered Veganary so you might as well just get into other new things.  With that in mind I want to show some new things which are Blue and in no way depressing.

This simple leather wrap by Miansai just screams male elegance and will match amazingly with your favourite watch.  I picked this up off Mr Porter, the link to the store is over to your right with all the other links or just click here. I wasn’t quite sure when I got it as cheaper items don’t fit, move around loads, the hook unhooks all the time etc.  Not with this, it is perfectly crafted to stay hooked for general wear.  It really adds a little colour to your wardrobe and is subtle and not too loud.  You never want an accessory to be the focal point; the clue is in the name “accessory”.

Now as it is a blog about blue, this J.Crew slim fit Garment-Dyed cotton Jersey t-shirt is a simple luxury T.  With a small pocket detail on the left chest it can be easily dressed up with a jacket or worn casually as you would any other t-shirt.  The colour really pops though and this bright blue really brightens the current dull days we are moving through.  The feel is rustic in nature and has a roughness to it, but not that it is scratchy, it is just solid top quality material.  One thing that J.Crew knows is hardy garments and this t-shirt is no different.  This is the first t-shirt I have from them and you can tell the quality.

Both these items were in the Mr Porter sale, but normally go for £60 and £45 respectively so go and check them out if you are inclined to do so.

And that's it, this is what January Blues should mean, it is only depressing if you make it and with a little retail therapy you will feel much better.