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Issue 19; It's Gone All 90's

written by @coombstw

As the humidity rises and summer really does start to begin, I, unlike many have reverted to a TV dude from the 1990’s. I am regressing? Or is just casual style allowing this to happen?
From the things I am buying, a boxy bright orange Arlen jumper here, to this great baseball shirt and denim shorts, that if you are a film buff will know the reference on the shirt, I have noticed that I look more like I am living in the 90’s than near 2020.

It wasn't until I put this on ready to watch Strangers Things that maybe we have started to get into this 90's and 80's way of dressing. The jump suit in Stranger Things worn by Eleven is now an online want by girls and women alike. It seems fashion is going backwards, I just hope the shell-suit doesn't come back in.

My style as pictured is very American 1990, the denim shorts and baseball t-shirt, but it is comfortable and if you head out with converse or some white sneakers on people love your retro styling, yes people are now in a state of Retro clothes.  It comes around quite a bit, but it is linear, two years ago we had bigger lapels and wide legged trousers, can someone give me 70's, then punkier style denim, large tops and street wear brought you into the 80's last year. So why not embrace the 90's just not all of it, happy with boxy  jumpers and popping colour but what of next year? Are we going to hit the early naughties grunge and rock eras, I hope not, we can't get away from the ripped knee jeans now so no hope of this comes back in properly.

Is it our love of the era we are using? or is it just with each generation taking the reigns of fashion do we move through the years? Or is it that anything retro is King currently? If this is the case then I'm off out with my modern sneakers, wide legged cords but ripped at the knee and short on the leg, baseball top with logos and a shell-suit jacket and trucker cap, Now get my agent I'm heading for season 4 of Stranger Things.