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Issue 19; Wedding Season Change Up

Linen by M&S
written by @coombstw

It is here, the behemoth of long arse days, drinking and socialising with your mates great aunt as she slowly gets more drunk to the point she will eventually start twerking right in front of you.  Where you will ultimately slink away to find out what standard and overly pretentious food is at the buffet and what to have that you won’t get down your clothes. So my wedding list goes like this, disturbing in places? Check, will you get bored at some point? Check, sweating heavily in your suit? Check, forgotten the names of all the guests on your table? Check, the inevitability you will have a wedding to go to this year? As much as Thanos clicking his fingers (That is a massive YES for non-marvel fans).

So with the delight of other peoples weddings on the card, you only truly only enjoy your own (I am guessing as not married) and with the summer delights upon us, so it is time to prepare what you will be wearing, but thankfully for us lowly guests, gone are the days of structure.  

With Fashion now being a mix of street-wear and formality it is a perfect time to mix up your style and dress like you, rather than like everyone else.  You know what I am talking about, I have done it. The navy blue suit, white shirt, brown shoes, random black or navy tie, done. It is always made from a wool blend and is warm to the point of you can’t remove your jacket until you are drunk.  Or more rightly, that everyone else is drunk and won’t notice the unseemly patches, as now you will be a mess after ten minutes on the dance floor anyway, like other dancers, as you try convincing all that you can do the worm.

So how to pull out of this dull quandary of fashion at weddings I here you bellow? (my brain just thought of Brian Blessed) First, change the material, with relaxed suiting now a thing, you can go with linen or seerseeker much easier.  Also you can go unstructured which is perfect for the summer. With no lining in the jacket, so this is much cooler in general, plus a more relaxed look, making you feel relaxed and more like yourself. You can also just get rid of the shirt and go with a crisp white tee, seems risky but can be done.  Colour wise, what about a light sky blue or salmon even, a darker richer purple? The possibilities are endless with suits coming in a lot more colours than old school three B’s, blue, black and brown. I like a slim fit suit myself with a cropped trouser which is in style this summer, matched with white trainers and some invisible socks to get that no sock feel without stinking up the place with a full day in the trainers.

With this is mind, I am looking forward to a wedding or two, but just remember not to make eye contact with the Great Aunt as she drops it like its hot and glances back at you.

And a final word of advice, ask the Bride before heading off course, your life may depend on it. (and if you blame me, maybe mine).