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Issue 29; Something Good has Come

Well then, that was that,we are all doomed it seems if you read the daily headlines, the world is coming to an end and like Venice nature and calm is coming back to our waters and world. Just think "I Am Legend" the book not the film as a new breed of human takes over, known in this case the immune. This is what it feels like to many with stress and anxiety going through the roof, but somewhere in all this destructive chaos is some good.

I'm sure some of you are like Where? What is th fool on about? And this I understand.  Many have become selfish but using online platforms I am actually closer to my community than I have ever been.  Sharing things with people I have never met through a town group. I would never have done this to weeks ago, and believe it is keeping some people sane. I am currently, at time of writing, in self isolation mode. I got a cough a few days ago so now on day 4. Unlike many I am shut in with my fiancĂ© which means we are keeping each other in a good mental state, I am also able to work from home.  In all I am in a good place.

Many are not though, with uncertainty over work and pay I see where stresses come from hopefully help will be at hand and easy to negotiate. We must think of mental health at this time as well as physical and maybe to a point more so when in self isolation but there is nowhere to go currently anyway. But people need to reach out and keep I touch on any platform, for once social media has become more social and I am loving it. Live videos, I am even thinking of recording some cocktail how to vids for my community page to get people thinking and doing something else or trying new things.

So even though a scary time, community spirit is shining through the panic buying people and you can see it growing. Even Instagram people are now communicating more than we ever used to, more comments, more live chats, responding more, doing more for the community at large rather than to get followers or likes, and it is the new interaction.

Books have been written about the apocalypse scenarios, films and many other things and the greedy do come out on top but the others fight. This seems not to be the case currently, I hope it carries on this way and after all this and we start o rebuild our world and mourn any loss which we can all do together as a local community, but local to the world.

Keep being nice and stay inside of you can, or safe and healthy if now.