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Issue 30; Trust Me, You Can Dance; Vol 1

Whilst it is becoming harder to filter the worry within one's mind on the outcome of this locked in status the majority of us find ourselves living in, to be able to write anything meaningful or of note, but I found a way.

Being without children or any dependants of any kind, my fiance and I find we venture to the outside world when we choose to partake in the art of drinking, this is just a norm and home drinking is kept for very bad days.  But by following what I have witnessed to be the now social norm of drinking on the majority of days, I came to think of my favourites. If you follow any of my social media or videos then you will be aware of my love for wine, something there is much better and more knowledgeable people in the world to write articles on this, like my friend and fellow writer The Senior (see links menu).  I am talking about what started as Punch in Britain before 1806 when New York created the now iconic term Cocktail.

The cocktail in question that I am starting this small series of articles with is the cigar smokers favourite aperitif, the Negroni.

Popular in Italy and created in Florence in 1919 in Caffe Giacosa by way of strengthening the cocktail of Count Camillo Negroni’s favourite, the Americano.  All cocktail stories you need to take with a pinch of salt as everyone created everything, but this is the most widely believed one. And also one I like to think is true, mostly as the Count went on to distil a ready made version in 1919 called Antico Negroni.  It is a drink of heavy bitter tastes, with Orson Welles describing it thus “the bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other”, I think he had a point.

The International Bartenders Association advise the recipe for a Negroni as 3cl of gin, 3cl of sweet vermouth and 3cl of Campari, it is an equal measure drink, simple but rugged in its look and taste. It’s dark complexion mirroring the Mediterranean area it stems from, its bitterness the perfect cleanser of the palate for food.  I make it slightly different, and do 25ml of each stirred in a large glass with ice before pouring into a small old fashioned style sized glass. Then garnish with orange peel, some put a slice but I feel the flavour and smell you want is in the peel, and who wants bits of fruit floating in their drink.

The Negroni is my go to in any cocktail bar, give a try and let me know what you think.