The Journal by TWC is exactly that, a Journal of a life, of sorts, a collection of articles written and curated by Thomas W Coombs esq. About topics that many of us love and enjoy. From fashion to cocktails, from travel to wine and some of the simple things in life in between, like literature, photography and film.

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Issue 2; Star Wars - Another New Hope Again?

By T W Coombs

So forty years after the originals and ten years after the prequels the world of Star Wars is back and it has taken a funny turn, by trying to be funny and not living up to the hype, once again.

Issue 2; Gym Etiquette, Do’s, Don’ts and Why Bother?

By T W Coombs

It is coming up on that time of year when everyone has spent a few days indulging themselves and want to better themselves for the classic new year’s resolution.  And normally this involves signing up to the local gym and even though it is a common conception that after a few weeks most stop going and end of up just paying a bill for the next twelve months.  To help you keep up with something which is worth doing I have put together some reasons to actually go and some rules whilst you are there to keep yourself and other gym users happy.

Issue 2; Branding Thy Self

by T W Coombs

For years I have been very good at making a Brand work, a logo pop and making people ask about what the brand does, but this was a company.  Genius Babble Music was a brand that could be thrown about to all corners without fear as it was a thing, not a whom.  So when my new venture, this, was coming along I suddenly thought "how the hell do I brand myself?” the answer is, carefully.

Issue 2; Feeling Exclusive with Next

by T W Coombs

I receive a lot of emails as we all do, most of them are rubbish, 'come and try this', no, 'you want this', no I do not, so when I get the usual get twenty percent off something you bought once emails I just delete them after a quick check.  We all get these but for once I paid some attention to what I was getting so I received the third reminder to book my place at the online Next sale and I thought 'let's do this shit, you never know'.

Issue 1; The Yard, Faversham - The Review

Goats Cheese Salad (with bacon)
by T W Coombs

Firstly I would like to just let you know this isn't an actual food review, I know I have dragged you in with false pretences and for this I am sorry.  This is more of a recommendation of a cafe/bistro of such greatness that it deserves a mention.  I live in a market town called Faversham in Kent, so when I read magazines, websites etc. I am always told to go to this place and that place in London.  Great, so I need to travel for a couple of hours to get a sandwich, I am sure it is very nice but still, that is a bit much.  So I have thought to give mentions of my favourite places to go and eat in the same vein as the usual London recommendations. So here goes.

Issue 1; Winter is Coming

by T W Coombs

With everyone talking about politics I could only really think of one thing, what to wear this winter? With the weather changing, the rain sliding in, it made me think I haven't thought about my winter wardrobe, I know it is a first world problem but many of us live in this world and have these issues to deal with.  I changed my usual summer styling this year and got rid of a lot of clothes that just weren't me, it was time to put away the rubbish, for good.  Of course this has left a huge hole in the wardrobe, so when I thought what is my new look for winter to be? My brain froze.  So I had a few thoughts and decided to share, after some research into the fashion world, what is in and is easy enough to accomplish.

Issue 1; Messing About on The....Canal

By T W Coombs

The question is can you live in a tube with four people? I shall explain. Summer holidays in the UK don't usually involve much sunshine, cheap beer or having to change your money up into any currency.  But it can involve water sports, well, I say sports more of a boating jolly.  Was it a huge yacht with staff and taking control of the open seas I hear you cry? No, it wasn't it was a forty foot canal boat on the not so open Warwickshire canals, the Grand Union heading south to be precise.

Issue 1; End of the World Anyone?

by T W Coombs
Due to the network being down at work I decided to catch up on the News from across the globe and locally, and all I got was a constant stream of death and destruction and hatred.  We have become a world where the only thing that we now class as News is shocking or about the darker side of human existence.  Sadly all these things are happening around us, and has it always been like this?