The Journal by TWC is exactly that, a Journal of a life, of sorts, a collection of articles written and curated by Thomas W Coombs esq. About topics that many of us love and enjoy. From fashion to cocktails, from travel to wine and some of the simple things in life in between, like literature, photography and film.

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Issue 24; Happy Halloween - SMWT Episode 4, Season 2

Saturday Mornings with Tom - #Halloween

I discuss four scary films that actually made me jump in a celebration of Halloween today.

Issue 23; A little trip to meet the Duke

written by @coombstw

Sometimes an impromptu jaunt on a train is just what is needed when a free Friday comes up and this is exactly what Grace and I did a couple of weeks ago.  And living in Kent there is only one real destination, London.

Issue 23; Kingswood Trek - SMWT Episode 3, Season 2

Saturday Mornings With Tom - #TheKingswoodTrek

Join me for a few minutes in SMWT from the 19th September 2019, with my trip round Kingswood in Kent, includes getting slightly lost on purpose and odd finds and a whole bunch of Deer.

Issue 23; Climbed a Hill, Came Down a Mountain

written by @coombstw

This is not a story of struggle in life, the title as they say is literal.  You may have noticed that I have taken up the very English hobby of hiking, known in certain circles as rambling (not my circle though), and have been pulling my ever agreeing better half along so we have “us” time. This is how we ended on a soggy Sunday climbing a hill but coming down a mountain.

Issue 23; The Best Layer

written by @coombstw

You may have noticed if in the UK that the weather has turned and those colder days and nights are creeping in.  With the clocks changing this weekend also it will soon be darker bringing that temperature down. With this in mind I thought I would say a little something about my favourite layer in winter. The sweater.

Issue 22; The Road to Ten Kilometres

written by @coombstw

Since the 70’s the art of running or jogging as you may call it became big and in June this year I joined one of the biggest pastimes in the UK.

Out of the blue my friend stated that we should do some sort of race, originally the choice was if one of these muddy ones with obstacles, but I mentioned that we maybe we should start with something simple. So after much deliberation (1 limp text message), I decided that a 10 kilometre race was more realistic, and achievable. But before we could start I needed to see if I could even road run.

Issue 22; Fashion Update, SMWT Episode 2, Season 2

Saturday Mornings With Tom - #Fashion

I discuss some of the new and some odd items of the cat walks for this season. So make sure you know what to expect from the fashion followers.

Issue 22; Hellboy, The Nerdy Note

written by @coombstw

After many moans and groans from the geeky massive and the del Toro debutants the newly rehashed Hellboy will never get a sequel. It was slightly short off its budget, by a mere 10 million, but I still had to see what the problem was. Turns out there wasn't one.

Issue 22; The Conyer Trek, SMWT Episode 1, Season 2

Check out the First episode of Season 2
(aware that season 1 is not on here)

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